Red Dot Storage Vs. Minify Self-Storage - Which is Better?

If you need a self-storage unit in Illinois, including Dekalb and Sycamore, Red Dot Storage is bound to be one name that comes up often. However, with so many storage options to choose from, it's important to make an informed decision about which storage facility is truly the best option for you. 
This page will compare Red Dot Storage with another popular storage option in the area, Minify Self-Storage, to determine the best choice. Read on to find out if Red Dot Storage or Minify Self-Storage is the right choice for your storage needs!
Red Dot Storage vs Minify in Pricing

Cost Comparison Between Red Dot Storage & Minify

It's no secret that prices in the storage unit industry can fluctuate significantly. However, we understand that price comparison is a critical aspect for those who are searching for a reliable storage unit solution. With this in mind, we have decided to provide a price comparison for storage unit rates in April 2023, so our customers have a way to compare. While we cannot guarantee that the prices will remain consistent, this comparison can help our customers make a well-informed decision.

When it comes to choosing a storage unit, there are a variety of sizes to choose from, and comparing them all can be overwhelming. In this article, we'll compare one of the most popular sizes - the 5x10 unit. 

Both Red Dot Storage and Minify Self-Storage offer first-month specials of 50% off for this unit size, making it an excellent option for those who need an affordable short-term storage solution. For the regular monthly rate at DeKalb, for example, Red Dot Storage charges $65, while Minify Self-Storage charges $54.50, making Minify the more affordable option for this unit size.


When it comes to choosing a self-storage provider, convenience is key, especially when you need frequent access to your stored items. Both Red Dot Storage and Minify Self-Storage have multiple locations in the Illinois area, making it easy to choose a facility that's convenient for you. Both providers are also open seven days a week.

Minify's DeKalb location is located right off Lincoln Highway, while the Sycamore location is right off DeKalb Ave. Red Dot's Sycamore location is also conveniently located near Lincoln Highway. 

However, when we compare Red Dot's DeKalb locations, they are primarily located in the southern parts of the city, south of the I-88 or almost in Cortland, IL, which may not be as convenient for those in other parts of DeKalb.
Red Dot Storage DeKalb vs Minify
Red Dot Storage DeKalb IL vs Minify

Customer Service

One of the most important aspects of choosing a self-storage provider is the quality of customer service. At Minify Self-Storage, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to all of our clients. 

Comparing Red Dot Storage and Minify Self-Storage locations in Dekalb, it's clear that both companies have a similar rating on Google. However, Minify stands out because we've only had 5-star reviews in the last two years, indicating our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. On the other hand, Red Dot Storage in Dekalb had 14 reviews in the last year, with eight non-five-star reviews and two 1-star reviews. 

In Sycamore, Red Dot Storage has an overall rating of 3.8 stars, while Minify Self-Storage in Sycamore has a higher rating of 4.4 stars. With a track record of consistently providing great customer service, it's no wonder that customers prefer Minify Self-Storage over Red Dot Storage.

Amenities and Security 

When choosing a self-storage provider, it's essential to consider the type of amenities and level of security that each facility offers. Both Red Dot Storage and Minify Self-Storage provide 24-hour security cameras to ensure that all stored items remain secure. Additionally, both companies allow customers to rent and manage their account online, providing added convenience. 

The only advantage that Red Dot Storage has over Minify is that it offers climate-controlled units. However, this additional amenity comes at a much higher price. To illustrate this, we will provide a comparison based on prices posted for April 2023. 
For example, in Sycamore, a 5x10 climate-controlled unit at Red Dot Storage rents for $146 per month, while Minify's 5x10 unit rents for only $89 per month. That is a yearly difference of $684!

Unless the added climate control is essential, Minify Self-Storage is the more affordable and convenient option for anyone in the Sycamore area.
Red Dot Storage vs Minify in Security

Red Dot Storage or Minify Self-Storage:
Which One is Best?

So, which self-storage provider should you choose - Red Dot Storage or Minify Self-Storage? Both have multiple locations and provide excellent security for all stored items. However, Minify is the more affordable option, saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run. 

Additionally, with better customer service and the same level of amenities, Minify is the clear choice. While Red Dot Storage does offer climate-controlled units, the price difference compared to Minify makes it an option that is not budget-friendly for most people. 

Therefore, we suggest checking Minify first for all of your self-storage needs in the Illinois area.

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We hope that this article has been helpful in answering any questions you might have had about Red Dot Storage and Minify Self-Storage. However, if you still have any doubts or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us using the following contact form. We are always here to help you in any way we can and are committed to helping you make the best decision for your storage needs. 

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